1957 Porsche 356 Speedster

Porsche and passion. The two words go hand-in-hand. But it’s 2020, and decades of engineering precision, and a record of rock-solid reliability only explain a small portion of this equation. The Porsche 356 is the catalyst and bedrock for the Porsche’s reputation. Pure driving bliss, the 356 was first penned in 1948 as Porsche’s first production car. About 50 examples 

were built in Austria before the factory moved to Zuffenhausen, Germany. 

With the move to Germany came a number of running production changes, including the contracting of Reutter to build the bodies. 356s were built on a very advanced for it’s time unitized chassis. This chassis design paired with tried-and-true suspension components and a lively drivetrain is what began the Porsche magic that continues today. Of all 356 models, the Speedster is perhaps most legendary. Max Hoffman, the sole U.S. importer of Porsche cars asked for a lower cost, less optioned open top 356 for the U.S. market. With bucket seats, raked windshield, and spartan top, the Speedster was a hit. California racers who had previously run MGs now flocked to the higher power, better handling, and still inexpensive 356 Speedster. Legendary status now solidified. The 356 Speedster is the epitome of what a sports car is, was, and always should be. 

This car, chassis number 83357 was produced in the first half of 1957. The engine number is correct for build date, but snappier performing 32 NDIX (later 356) carburetors were fitted. The paint work and interior are absolutely flawless, as is the driving experience. 

1600 cc air cooled flat 4 cylinder engine

4 speed manual

Porsche Kardex on file

Recent carburetor service at SSA

Full tool roll and side curtains included