Audi Timing Chain


Audi 2.0 Engines 2010-2016

  • prone to timing chain stretching

  • can cause pistons to hit cylinder heads

A half hour inspection around 80k miles can reveal if your timing chain is stretching and how much life it has left.

If we find it needs replacing, we can get it done for $1500, well under dealership pricing and much less than a new engine!

IMS Bearing Replacement


Porsche 1997-2008 Boxster 986, 987 and Carrera 996, 997

  • IMS bearing failure leads to intermediate shaft damage beyond repair

  • debris from the failure contaminates the engine

A Preventative measure, IMS bearing replacement saves you from replacing an engine!

Single Row replacement from $2550   Dual Row replacement from $2750

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