1953 Chevrolet 3600 3/4 ton Pick-up

In 1947 Chevrolet introduced the Advance-Design light and medium duty truck line. This was the first major design language change since WWII, and would run through 1955. The Advance-Design trucks were billed by General Motors as being “Larger, Stronger, and Sleeker” than the preceding AK series. Though both generations of trucks shared many underpinnings, Harley Earl wanted to impart some car-like design civility into the GM truck lineup. Although still geared toward work and farm life, nods to passenger comfort include a wider, taller, and longer, cab and a fresh air cowl vent. During the design change, all cabs became interchangeable, save for the 1-ton cab-over models. This was due to the “Unisteel” cab. Meaning the floorboards, roof, side panels, cowl, windshield frame, and rear panel were all welded together to form a unitized part. In  order to help differentiate the models at a glance, series designations became the norm. 3100 was a ½ ton, 3600 was a ¾ ton, and one ton trucks became 3800. 

This truck, chassis # J53N023080 is equipped with a replacement 1957 Thriftmaster 235 CI engine and three-speed heavy duty transmission. It was lovingly restored in Ohio in 2016 as a personal project. The heart and soul of the restorer can be seen in the painstaking efforts that went into refinishing the wooden inlays in the bed, as well as the liberal use of high quality stainless steel hardware throughout. Deviations from stock are few, but include replacing the dangerous split rims with modern wheels, an alternator instead of a generator, an aluminum radiator for modern traffic, and a much more comfortable interior.

71,000 miles

235 C.I. Straight 6 engine

3-speed heavy-duty gearbox

Equipped with optional heater

Beautifully restored

Local car-show award winner

Chassis #: J53N023080